Got a Sick Liver?

What your liver is dying to tell you…

I want to warn you about a serious health risk that is hidden deep inside the dark brown, 4-pound livers of millions of Americans.

What I’m about to share may scare you… so prepare yourself for what’s coming…

When someone tells their doctor “they don’t feel good”… The real cause is where you’d least expect to see it…

Buried deep inside a sick liver and a stone-filled gallbladder.

Did you know that over 700,000 Americans have their sick and diseased gallbladders removed every year? [1]

About 1 in 10 Americans (30 million in total) have some type of liver disease. About 5.5 million people in the U.S. have chronic liver disease or cirrhosis. [3]
And millions more suffer with serious liver-related illnesses that attack the colon, kidneys, lungs and skin. [2] Your liver sits just under your ribcage on the right side and is about the size of a football. Your liver separates nutrients and waste as they move through your digestive system.

Your liver produces bile. 

Bile is the substance that carries toxins out of your body and aids in digestion. But what happens to your liver when your gallbladder is removed and bile is no longer produced? Your body doesn’t cleanse itself as it should.

I’ll tell you more about the bad side effects and what really happens inside your body after gallbladder surgery in a moment.

Most of us know that liver disease can cause cirrhosis or (scarring of the liver). And as more scar tissue replaces healthy liver tissue, the liver can no longer function properly. 

Left untreated, liver disease can lead to liver failure and liver cancer.

So how do you know if your liver
is sick and dying?

If you have a tendency to:
  • Bruise or bleed easily
  • Get the chills
  • Feel fatigued and weak
  • Have a poor appetite and feel bloated
  • Suffer with nausea, diarrhea
  • Have abdominal or gallbladder pain on the right side
  • Have swelling in the arms, legs or ankles
  • See new spider-like blood vessels on your skin
  • Have redness and itching in the palms of your hands
  • Difficulty concentrating and remembering things
  • Feel unwell
  • Have light colored stool or dark Urine
  • or Jaundice. [4,7]
You may be at risk, if you’re feeling unwell… Or if you’ve experienced any of the symptoms listed above…

It’s vital to your health, you listen closely to what I have to say. Your future liver health may depend on it.

Did you know that your liver performs over 500 bodily functions every single day?

Your liver does a lot of things that keep you healthy. It turns nutrients into chemicals your body needs. It filters out poisons. It helps turn food into energy. [5]

When your liver doesn’t work well, that can affect your whole body — so it’s no wonder you don’t feel well.

Ever wonder why your liver gets sick and your gallbladder fills up with gallstones?

Want to know what’s inside your gallbladder stones?
Let’s start at the beginning…

The Mayo Clinic Gallstones tells us that your gallbladder is a small, pear-shaped organ on the right side of your abdomen, just beneath your liver. [6]

The gallbladder holds a digestive fluid called bile that’s released into your small intestine. Gallstones are hardened deposits of digestive fluid (bile) that can form in your gallbladder. [6] Gallstones can range in size from as small as a grain of sand to as large as a golf ball. People who experience pain from their gallstones usually require gallbladder removal surgery. [6]

But why does bile cause gallstones to form?

When your bile flow is reduced or stopped a condition called ‘Cholestasis’ occurs. “Chole” refers to bile and “stasis” means “not moving.” 

Bile flow may be blocked inside the liver, outside the liver, or in both places and this blockage in time produces ‘gallstones’.

A buildup of gallstones is what leads to ‘a-full-feeling’ in the liver and gallbladder pain.
But why does bile cause gallstones to form?

When your bile flow is reduced or stopped a condition called ‘Cholestasis’ occurs. “Chole” refers to bile and “stasis” means “not moving.” 

Bile flow may be blocked inside the liver, outside the liver, or in both places and this blockage in time produces ‘gallstones’.

A buildup of gallstones is what leads to ‘a-full-feeling’ in the liver and gallbladder pain.
If you could look inside your overworked liver… you could see  the thick bile sludge clogging up your gallbladder… these nasty clogs are sapping your liver’s ability to provide the cleaned, life-giving blood flow to your vital arteries and organs.

Bile sludge reduces the flow of clean blood to your brain. This causes short-circuits in the brain’s message sending systems … this could be why you suddenly feel forgetful – and you can’t remember names or where you left your keys.

Bile sludge in the liver reduces the flow of clean blood that repairs damaged nerves… causing you to experience weird zaps of intense pain – all over your body. 

Damaged nerves disrupt the signals inside nerves to the brain that help regulate your body temperature… this is what causes you to feel chills and have cold hands and feet.
Backed up bile sludge in the liver reduces the flow of clean blood to your stomach and gut… causing you to experience gas, bloating, cramps, nausea, and diarrhea – that leaves you feeling fatigued and weak.

Combine all these out of whack body functions that thick bile sludge harms… and it can strangle the life out of you.

If you fail to heed my warnings… and you allow bile sludge to build up inside your liver and gallbladder… in time this may lead to serious liver problems – and even death

So it’s VITAL that you watch this to the very end…

Because what I’m about to share could actually save your life.
Hi, I’m Jonathan Otto… Founder of Natural Health Secrets… and Autoimmune Secrets… World renowned health publications with over 1.3 million readers…

My team of naturopathic doctors and myself are on a world-wide health mission to empower people just like you to understand how their body works so they can take the right steps to manage their own health.

We are here to give you the information you’ve been searching for so you can restore your health.
We strongly believe the right way to natural health is to use food, minerals, vitamins and herbs to support good health just as nature intended… So you can live a happy and fulfilled life… like you and your loved ones deserve.

And once YOU know what’s really causing all these seemingly unrelated symptoms… that make you feel unwell… then feeling good again will be easily possible for you.

And that’s why I’m here today talking to you… I’m here to tell you there is hope… for improved health… You don’t have to continue to suffer… keep reading to find out what I discovered so you too can return to good health.

Remember, earlier when I said to prepare yourself for what’s coming… because the real truth will shock you?

OK, get ready…

If you’re feeling unwell… this may be what’s really going on inside your liver…[7]

This isn't a normal-looking liver.

It sounds absurd, right?

Your liver and gallbladder can’t look this bad…

But…If you’re over 40…
The holes in your liver and piles of gallbladder bile sludge have been building-up inside you for decades.

I want you to know it’s NOT just the build up of this thick bile sludge… but the deadly bio-toxins inside of the gallbladder’s stones.

Most people are completely unaware of this… and until now, you may have been too.

This is what’s at the root cause of every ill-health symptom we’ve talked about so far.

Wondering how badly you’re affected?
I’m glad you asked.

Let’s calculate your ‘sludge risk…
How many of these ‘things’ do you do in a month?

Let’s count them up.

We’ll calculate your ‘sludge risk number…
For each item count it once…
Then add the number of times you do this ‘thing’ together to arrive at — your ‘sludge risk score’.
OK, So how many times do you…?
Now add all of the numbers up.

This number equals a guess-estimate of your overall risk factors or your ‘bile sludge risk score’.. . OK…. If the number you counted is 4 or more… Your body is waving a ‘red flag’ of distress.

It is yelling at you to stop what you’re doing… That is harming it.

Start paying attention to these health problems before it’s too late… and even more serious health complications kick-in.

Complications you can’t recover from.

So the real question now is…

What can you do about this
bile sludge right now?

If you go to your doctor and tell him or her you’re feeling unwell…

That you have cold hands and feet and you noticed you bruise more easily than you used to…

That you’ve been feeling more fatigued and weak lately and have swelling in your arms, legs or ankles…

Or you may say you have a poor appetite and feel bloated and sometimes have stomach or gallbladder pain on the right side…

Or you might be suffering with nausea, or diarrhea and have light colored stool or dark Urine [4,7]

You may receive some vague diagnosis like you are just getting older and your symptoms are common in older people…

You may be told to watch your weight, and get more exercise…

Or be handed a prescription antacid and sent on your way.

Or your doctor may recommend that you be alert for symptoms of gallstone complications, if you have intensifying pain in your upper right abdomen. [8]

Your doctor may recommend Laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery to remove your gallbladder, since gallstones frequently recur…[8]

Thankfully, there’s another option.

You can get rid of this bile sludge buildup and get rid of gallstones… simply by using what Mother Nature would recommend.
Remember, I’m here to show you how to take control of your health and get rid of that unwell feeling using a 100% natural, and holistic method.

And what’s even better is, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Now, I’m going to show you what you need to do in the next few minutes.

The first thing you need to know… to help your liver and gallbladder be healthy again is…

How bile sludge and stones got there in the first place.

To see inside your abdomen your doctor may use an Abdominal ultrasound. This test looks for signs of gallstones.

Abdominal ultrasound involves moving a device (transducer) back and forth across your stomach area.
The transducer sends signals to a computer, which creates images that show the structures in your abdomen.[8]..

Let’s take a deeper look inside your stone-filled gallbladder… Inside your gallbladder little stones build up that are made up of bile sludge and cholesterol.

If a gallstone lodges in a duct and causes a blockage, you may experience sudden and rapidly intensifying pain in the upper right portion of your abdomen or in the center of your abdomen, just below your breastbone…

Some people have pain in their right shoulder or between the shoulder blades and the pain may come on when you eat certain foods and may last for a few minutes to a few hours.

That’s why it is so important that you take steps to cleanse a sick liver and eliminate the bile buildup that causes gallbladder stones before… expensive gallbladder surgery becomes the only life-saving remedy.

Because I want to do all I can to help you avoid an expensive hospital stay…

I’ve discovered that softening and eliminating gallbladder stones…requires the expertise only found in Mother Nature’s health restoratives…

Over the last five years, I’ve searched for a natural solution to getting rid of gallstones. I’ve interviewed over 473 medical doctors, health scientists, naturopaths and wellness experts…

I’ve traveled to health clinics around the world to get to the real cause of why some people get gallstones and some people don’t.

Two of the biggest discoveries I made were…

Number 1: People living in countries where toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, chromium, nickel, chromium and cadmium are found in the food, air and
water seem to be hit much worse with gallstones. [9]
Number 2: People living in countries where fast foods, canned foods and heavily processed baked goods often consume much higher levels of cholesterol which when combined with bile sludge create gallstones.[10]
This led me to do years of research into modern diets, liver disease and gallbladder health studies around the world…

That’s when I discovered what Mother Nature knew all along.

She created a natural solution to help the liver cleanse itself, that worked to soften gallstones so they could be easily eliminated along with the toxic heavy metals inside them…

I was able to source these rare earth minerals that naturally cleanse the liver, and gallbladder …

My “Super Fulvic Minerals”

Here’s why I recommend rare earth Super Fulvic Minerals™
Super Fulvic Minerals™ are made from Mother Nature’s rare earth, mined with
sustainable practices to deliver their pristine goodness in 5 specific ways…
Supports a herbal detoxification processes
Provides Antioxidant Support
Supports Digestive Health and Metabolism
Enhances Nutrient Absorption and Assimilation
Supports Immune Function [11]
If you’re suffering from low energy and sleeplessness, or you forget where you put things or names of people or places…

or you have nagging digestive upsets and you want to get rid of that uncomfortable “unwell feeling”…

Then I know Super Fulvic Minerals™ will work for you.

Remember this, I would only use Super Fulvic Minerals™ if they were backed by real clinical trials I’ve personally reviewed… and approved.

You know that I would never recommend anything that I had tried for myself and my family…

In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly Super Fulvic Minerals™ helped me sleep more deeply so I woke up feeling more energy after only a few days of use.

My Mom tried my Super Fulvic Minerals™…

She was happy to call and tell me how she had less problems with bloating and gas and had better bowel movements…

My father-in-law had problems with gallstones…

And he was able to cleanse his liver and flush his gallstones away with regular use of my Super Fulvic Minerals™.

Now, I’m NOT going to say that my Super Fulvic Minerals™ can work miracles… because if a gallbladder is too filled with stones to save… surgery may be the only relief.

But, you can try Super Fulvic Minerals™ for yourself and see how well you feel in just a few days to know for sure how it will work for you.

Let's dive deeper into why Super Fulvic Minerals™
work inside the gallbladder and liver…

If we want to get rid of gallstones the first thing we need to do is let the Super Fulvic Minerals™ soften and dissolve them.

Gallstones can become super-hard, cholesterol globs… that’s why they call them gallstones – they can get hard as a stone…

Gallstones cause intense pain when they get caught in your common bile duct tube… [12]

As gallstones build up bile fluid is slowed and over time may become completely blocked… This causes problems with digesting proteins…[12]

When the gallbladder becomes inflamed it may cause intense pain and may result in surgery as the only remedy… Luckily…

There’s a group of super mineralized organic acids that are called Fulvic Minerals. They can be taken to…

They act as chelators which means they can soften and dissolve the bile sludge and gallstones.[13]
So you can more easily eliminate them. Not only that but gallstones are filled with toxins…
Toxic heavy metals include cadmium, mercury, lead, chromium, silver, and arsenic…

Even in minute quantities these toxic heavy metals can have deleterious effects in the body causing acute and chronic toxicities in people. [13] Fulvic Minerals are rare earth minerals that can cleanse and detoxify your gallbladder and liver and remove toxic heavy metals in a natural and healthy way.[13]

When the antioxidants generated by our body are not enough, antioxidants obtained from fulvic mineral supplements can be essential in removing oxidative stress in your body. [13]

Fulvic Minerals are naturally anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal… and provide enhanced antioxidant protection against damaging free radicals that may lead to premature aging… as they support natural herbal detoxification processes inside the liver, gallbladder and bloodstream. [11]

But what's really incredible is this…

They're 1000 Times More Potent
Than Regular Antioxidants

The antioxidant capacity of the Rare Earth Minerals inside my Super Fulvic Minerals™ was found to be 1000 times greater antioxidant capacity than fruits or vegetables on a gram/gram basis.

Take for example, my Super Fulvic Minerals™ (100 mg serving) have 188 times the antioxidant power of blueberries or a 18,800 mg serving of blueberries or 17,300 mg serving of pomegranate. [15]

They're Nature's Energy Booster

Another big benefit of Fulvic Minerals is…. They are so tiny they easily cross the cell’s membrane and help the nutrients from the food you eat to be better absorbed.

That’s why Fulvic Acid is often called “the ultimate nutrient booster.” [11,14]
Research conducted by Mark K. Williams, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer Biochemist, Mineral Logic, LLC, found that Fulvic minerals modulate carbohydrate digestion and glucose absorption in the intestine and work by regulating glucose homeostasis and maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. [14]

What that means is…

When you take my Super Fulvic Minerals™ and you can use it to not only help cleanse your liver, and remove gallstones you can use it to help balance your blood glucose levels too!

That’s wonderful to hear, right?

Where do “Fulvic Minerals” Come From?

Here’s something you need to know when you start looking for Fulvic Minerals…

Most Fulvic Minerals you find online are not as potent as my Super Fulvic Minerals™ formula…

I’ll show you where to get my Super Fulvic Minerals in just a moment…

If you really want to give your liver and your gallbladder the relief from gallstones and the inflammation they cause…

Because I want to be sure you give your liver and gallbladder what it needs to naturally repair itself just like Mother Nature intended so…

You need to know where my Fulvic Minerals come from.

Fulvic minerals are rare earth minerals…

They come from a pristine mineral rare earth deposit containing both marine and freshwater trace minerals. Millions of years ago…

A thick layer of iron ore formed and sealed off the accumulated marine and lush freshwater plant nutrients. Scientists have confirmed that the iron ore protected the layers of compost so it could naturally concentrate (percolate) down…

When this happened it created the unique molecular signature (elixir) of life itself.

Rare Earth Minerals… and the unique Fulvic Minerals we mine cannot be synthesized in a lab.

NOT Ever.

Our rare earth deposit is located in the rural southern U.S. on isolated rolling wooded acreage… and we use sustainable, environmentally-kind harvesting methods. [15]

Get 5 “Super Fulvic Mineral” Benefits

And that’s not all that Fulvic Minerals do for your health…

Here are the 5 unique benefits these rare earth minerals bring to you…

1. Enhances the absorption and utilization of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
2. Supports gut and digestive health
3. Supports immune function
4. Provides antioxidant protection against damaging free radicals that may lead to premature aging
5. Supports a herbal detoxification processes in the body

But my formula for My Super Fulvic Minerals™ is even better.

Because they contain many nutrients, including trace minerals, electrolytes, prebiotics, and probiotics.

What’s really the most important is, the probiotics and prebiotics in Super Fulvic Minerals nourish your gut and help maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria.

And promote optimal immune function and detoxification to not only keep you from getting the flu or a cold as often they also help keep your liver and gallbladder from storing bile sludge.

So why are my Super Fulvic Minerals™ so special?

Here's What's Been Added To My
“Super Fulvic Minerals”

My Super Fulvic Minerals™ contain…

100 micronutrients, plus18 amino acides and 13 organic acides.

And when you combine them together… they’re so unique I’ve called them my Super Fulvic Minerals™.

In fact, Fulvic Minerals have been used in ancient medicine for thousands of years…they help with promoting optimum cellular health, and promote proper immune response.

Inside my Super Fulvic Minerals™ formula is a wide spectrum of 100 micronutrients, plus18 amino acides and 13 organic acids.

When you consistently take Super Fulvic Minerals™ you can finally be free and clear of any bile sludge, gallstones and heavy metal toxins that try to build up in your body in the future.

I was thrilled with my own results when I tried my Super Fulvic Minerals™ for myself. I was excited to finally get a good night’s sleep and wake up full of energy. I wanted to share this with my loved ones and everyone I knew!

And that’s why you’re reading this page now.

People are emailing me from all over the world telling me how their liver and gallbladder problems, digestive upsets and constipation are a thing of the past…

Other people are writing to me about how they are feeling lots more energy and now feel less tension than they have in a long time after trying my Super Fulvic Minerals™.

That’s when they asked me if they could get more for their friends and family.

My Super Fulvic Minerals™ are unique because they contain:
You won’t find my Rare Earth Super Fulvic Minerals™ in this precise combination with Prebiotics and Probiotics in a drugstore… As they are only available here on this web page.

One thing I’ve learned
doing humanitarian work is this…

I wanted to give back to people all over the world. People are suffering from mysterious health problems…

And they don’t know where to turn or what to do.

And that’s why I want to help you get well.

That’s why I founded Well of Life™.

Well of Life™ provides wholesome and healthy supplements with one mission in mind: To help everyone restore their body’s health.

And that’s because…

I wanted to source the highest quality ingredients from all over the world to guarantee the highest quality manufacturing methods, in a cGMP certified facility to ensure maximum purity and potency… and I wanted to do it right here in the U.S.A.

But more importantly…

I could pack all 5 of the natural cleansing ingredients into one easy to take formula that would be available to ANYONE who needed it.

I’d like to personally offer it to you…

My “Super Fulvic Minerals™”

Super Fulvic Minerals™ are the ONLY natural detoxification and heavy metal remover formula that covers all 5 toxin removal and healing needs your body has.

It softens and dissolves toxins and heavy metals in your liver… It forces them into your bile ducts, so they are eliminated…

And helps ensure harmful sludge doesn’t build up in you again… and that’s because…

My Super Fulvic Minerals™ have all 5 rare ingredients I mentioned…
And that’s why My Super Fulvic Minerals™ work so well and will help you rid your body of built up bile sludge, toxins and heavy metals…

So you can get rid of that “unwell feeling” that brings you down…and makes you feel less than your best.
Gone will be…

all those mysterious symptoms your doctor can’t figure out…
It’s time to take control of your health and let Mother Nature give you back feeling good again.

Try My Super Fulvic Minerals™ Now…

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I'll Take All The Risk

I want you to be happy and feel good again and that’s why I want you to try my Super Fulvic Minerals™…

All I ask is you try one bottle and see how you feel. If my Super Fulvic Minerals™ are not all that I’ve said they were and if they don’t do for you what they did for me…

Email me and I’ll refund you the purchase price right away… no questions asked for a full 60 days.

All I ask is that you try one bottle of Super Fulvic Minerals™ and see how you feel and I’m willing to bet you’ll notice a difference.

One morning you’ll wake up and realize you’ve slept better than you have in a long time and have more energy now.

Super Fulvic Minerals™ will give you the energy, clearer thinking, improved digestion and you’ll be more regular too.

You’ll feel more like doing things and visiting friends and doing things you used to do like you were years younger.

Take my Super Fulvic Minerals™ Every Day
and You'll Feel In Control of Your Health.

And that’s a great feeling to have… especially if you’ve been feeling “unwell” for a long time.

You’ll feel like yourself again and will have more energy and desire to do the things you love to do again.

Once you take control of your health… life will be better, that I promise you.

I want that good health feeling for you.

It’s time to get your own supply of Super Fulvic Minerals™.

Try just one bottle and you’ll see what I say is true.

I’ve taken all the risk off your shoulders… you can use the entire bottle and I’ll still refund you if my Super Fulvic Minerals™ don’t do what I say they will for you.

I’ll still process your full refund. No questions asked. No need to feel bad or awkward.

Mail it back and the money will be refunded to you right away.

Again, this is Jonathan Otto. And thank you for your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it will. Super Fulvic Minerals™ completes all 5 cleansing processes you need to feel good again. When I formulated Super Fulvic Minerals™ I spent years researching and interviewing medical doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths and health experts in many fields.

The unique formula for Super Fulvic Minerals™ is backed by real clinical studies and contains:

  • 100 Micronutrients from Rare Earth Fulvic Minerals
  • 18 Amino Acides
  • and 13 Organic Acides
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics for optimal immune health.

All 5 ingredients are needed to help promote detoxification and bile sludge removal to cleanse the liver and blood.

My Super Fulvic Minerals™ are highly effective at neutralizing and detoxifying harmful toxins and pollutants, including heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Super Fulvic Minerals™worked on me, my family, and many people who felt unwell tried it felt better
Yes, it is safe. Super Fulvic Minerals have: No color added. No artificial ingredients. Non-GMO. Made in the USA. All-natural and vegan-friendly. Free of antibiotics, gluten, GMOs, hormones, sugar, and binders and is made in the USA.
Everyone is different. Most people experience more energy and deeper sleep, improved mental clarity and memory, less digestive problems, and more regular movements.

Super Fulvic Minerals™ helps with all these vital body processes:

    1. Enhances the absorption and utilization of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
    2. Supports gut and digestive health
    3. Supports immune function
    4. Provides antioxidant protection against damaging free radicals that may lead to premature aging
    5. Supports a herbal detoxification processes in the body
Yes, you can. If my Super Fulvic Minerals™ are not all that I’ve said they were and if they don’t do for you what they did for me…

All I ask is you try it and see for yourself. That’s only fair, right?

If my Super Fulvic Minerals™ and not for you then simply email me and I’ll refund you the purchase price right away with absolutely no questions asked for a full 60 days.

Remember, I’ve taken all the risk off your shoulders.

You can use the entire bottle and I’ll still refund you if my Super Fulvic Minerals™ don’t do what I say they will for you.

I’ll still process your refund. Mail the empty bottle back and the money will be refunded to you right away.
The 32 Bit Encryption Security Software we use to take your order is bank level security. We don’t have access to any of your financial information because we don’t need it to process your order.

After you place your order you’ll get a charge to your payment processor and we’ll be notified you ordered from us. Once your payment clears then we will ship your order right to your door.
Sorry no. My Super Fulvic Minerals™ are only available from this website.
Super Fulvic Minerals™ also contain antioxidants that serve to help neutralize free radicals. These highly reactive compounds cause damage to cells and DNA and are linked to premature aging. When using the super fulvic minerals as a stress relief supplement, you may be able to feel an overall improvement in your health.

OK, thank you for reading the frequently asked questions. I hope you were able to find the answers you were looking for about Super Fulvic Minerals™. But if you’re still wondering if Super Fulvic Minerals™ are right for you…

You need to just try and see. I’ve taken all the risk off your shoulders with my guarantee so you can feel confident in placing your order now.

Just Try My Super Fulvic Minerals™

You know what they say… When you have your health you have everything… and as we all grow older and sudden aches and pains appear we know we need to start taking better care of ourselves.

And that’s what I want for you.

I care about you and I want what’s best for you and your health.

All I ask is if you’re not feeling yourself and want to get rid of that “unwell feeling” then try Super Fulvic Minerals™ and give your body the detoxification help your body needs.

It’s time to place your order for Super Fulvic Minerals™ now.

Click the button below for the most comfortable option for you.

Try one bottle and see.

And remember this, I am taking all the risk on my shoulders.

If you don’t love how Super Fulvic Minerals™ works for you just send it back and I will refund you. No questions asked. and pick from three money-saving options.

You’re fully protected by my 60-day guarantee. I promise you’ll love how it makes you feel. If Super Fulvic Minerals™ doesn’t do all I say it will, I’ll refund you. All you need to do is send the empty bottles back.

You have only good health to gain.

Try Super Fulvic Minerals™ and feel better.

To your better health,
Jonathan Otto

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