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Get Two of The Best Ancient Natural Remedies, Now With Enhanced Bioavailability

Numerous studies show that turmeric and ginger are two of the most potent spices that can help nourish your brain and assist in enhancing your mood – naturally.

Taken in a dose potent enough – and readily available – only through a dietary supplement, it has been proven these spices can:



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Shown as Effective (And Safer) than Leading Antidepressants in Treating Depression

According to multiple studies, the active compound of turmeric, called curcumin, is not only as effective for patients with depression as the most common antidepressant drugs….

But it’s actually 100% natural, healthy, and safe.

Research published in the journal Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica Drug Research found that a form of curcumin known as BCM-95 was just as effective as two popularly prescribed antidepressants.

Helps Increase The Antioxidant Power In Your Body

Turmeric antioxidant properties help the body neutralize the free radicals that cause aging and chronic diseases.
On the ORAC (antioxidant) scale, curcumin has a score of 127,068…
Which means its antioxidant property is 200% stronger than cocoa, nuts, berries, and acai… And 300% higher than broccoli.

Strong Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is a critical bodily response to injury. Whenever we have a wound, or certain illnesses, our body signals our immune system to heal and repair damaged tissue; or protect the body against viruses and bacteria.

However, when inflammation processes go haywire, the autoimmune response becomes damaging. It leaves your body in a constant state of “red alert”, which produces chronic inflammation.

Over time, chronic inflammation may have a negative impact on your tissues and organs, and even impact the onset of chronic disease.

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric are remarkable.

So much so, that a 2004 study published in Oncogene found curcumin more powerful than both aspirin and Ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory.

Another study reported curcumin to be comparable to leading antidepressants.

While the study published in Phytotherapy Research compared cucurmin to the anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac.

And when it comes to chronic inflammation, it reports that patients given curcumin showed “the highest percentage of improvement”, with no adverse side effects.

Helps Improve Brain Function and Memory,
and Show to Delay Degenerative Cognitive Disease

The anti-inflammatory properties of cucurmin play a big role in protecting your brain, and ensuring the proper functioning of neurons and neural connections.

Yet, cucurmin does more than protect your brain through its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties: It also helps balance vital brain hormones, like the brain-derived hormone BDNF that helps neurons form connections.

According to studies, when BDNF levels decrease, it can affect your brain, potentially creating brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cognitive impairment, and depression.

Turmeric may increase BDNF levels in your brain as shown in multiple studies.

It’s been proven effective in delaying or even possibly reducing the risk of cognitive decline conditions and age-related decreases in brain functioning.


Ginger is another wonderful ancient natural medicine used for healing and restoring body and mind for millennia.

The great properties of ginger include:

Strong Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Just like turmeric, ginger is known to have strong anti-inflammator and antioxidant super-spice, it helps reduce oxidative stress that takes a toll on every cell of your body.
Powerful Against Depression and Anxiety

A recent 2018 study reports ginger helps in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, thanks to the significant decrease in inflammation that ginger promotes.

Helps Improve Overall Brain Health, Memory, and Alzheimer’s and Dementia Symptoms
Other studies report that ginger may improve overall brain health, which translates into better reaction times and memory for people who regularly consume ginger. And thanks to ginger’s remarkable potency in reducing chronic inflammation, a growing body of research shows it may help people struggling with memory problems, dementia, and even Alzheimer’s.
So what happens When You Combine These Two Super-Spices Together…?

A 2016 study found that the combination of turmeric (curcumin) and ginger had even more anti-inflammatory effects than when used individually.

Taking both ginger and turmeric increases the benefits – and significantly helps with inflammation, depression, brain health, memory, weight management, joint pain, and many others.


There used to be one downside of cucurmin and ginger: The problem of absorption.

More specifically, both ginger and turmeric are NOT easily bioavailable on their own…

But thanks to our patented technology, you can fully benefit from the entire dose of both ginger and cucurmin.

Bioperine® increases the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants from foods, plants, and supplements.

The 95% pure piperine formula ensures a high bioavailability of turmeric and ginger, so you can reap the full benefits.

No color added. No artificial ingredients. Non-GMO. Made in the USA.

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This is why I’m sure you will enjoy adding real health knowledge for your brain’s health. Get the information you need on how to nurture brain cells and prevent brain damage — without resorting to expensive drugs and treatments.

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