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ParaPurify with Mimosa Pudica Seeds

600mg | 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Our ParaPurify product is specially formulated with key ingredients such as fulvic minerals, mimosa pudica, and black walnut hull. These ingredients are known for their potential to support overall wellness and the body’s natural detoxification processes.


Eliminate Parasites From Your Body... Naturally

ParaPurify is designed to support your body’s natural detoxification processes and overall wellness. While we cannot claim to address specific health concerns, our carefully selected blend of ingredients is intended to promote a healthy balance within the body.

Understanding Parasites:

Millions of people may unknowingly live with parasites, organisms that feed on other organisms. While various factors may contribute to parasitic infestation, maintaining overall health and wellness is essential.

Symptoms of parasitic infestation may vary and could include digestive problems, irritability, fatigue, poor concentration, skin rashes, sleep issues, muscle cramps, allergic reactions, and headaches. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance and support.

Ingredients you’ll find in ParaPurify®:

Organic mimosa pudica
Works its way through the intestinal walls, pulling out parasites, toxins, heavy metals, biofilms, and other unwanted elements to provide immune and digestive support.
Organic black walnut hull powder
Black walnut contains juglone, which has been shown effective at expelling parasites from the body.
Fulvic mineral powder
This nutrient-rich soil-based compound supports detoxification, parasite removal, digestive health, and immune health.
Humic acid powder
This mineral-rich substance made from humus supports intestinal health and detoxification.
Organic triphala powder
This staple of Ayurvedic healing nourishes the digestive tract, supports colon cleansing and detoxification, supports a healthy inflammatory response, and provides antioxidant benefits.
Organic neem leaf powder
Another Ayurvedic healing nutrient that supports parasite removal, detoxification, immune function, gastrointestinal health, and liver and skin health.
Organic wormwood herb powder
A natural herb containing compounds such as artemisinin, that help cleanse the body of harmful organisms such as parasites. Also supports liver and digestive health.

All-natural and vegan-friendly. Free of antibiotics, gluten, GMOs, hormones, sugar, and binders. Made in the USA.

Manufactured in the USA, using domestic and international ingredients.

What People Are Saying About US

5 reviews for ParaPurify with Mimosa Pudica Seeds

  1. Heidi Mimnaugh

    Haven’t used yet but expect 5*

  2. Roman Rollins

    5 Stars

  3. Marlena

    I bought the 3 bottle bundle to try the product. It has been amazing. I haven’t seen parasites pass, ocasionally I will notice a bit more mucous around the full moon. More then anything taking 4/night has kept me regular. My bowel movements are 1-1.5 feet long, soft, easy to pass and it has helped flatten my tummy by regular pooping. I do pair it each night with a 50 billion probiotic as well. I will continue to purchase this formula because it is well sourced, well made and works so well for me.

  4. Alysa (verified owner)

    OMG I’m finally sleeping! A friend of mine recommended this and I gave it a try. On the first night I slept mostly through the night. I woke up thinking it might just be a fluke… I usually wake up about 10 times to pee with interstitial cystitis. But now after about two weeks I’m still sleeping great and my tummy is now flat! No more bloating after eating. I eat super healthy and I was getting so frustrated when I would bloat after eating a salad or drinking a green juice. I have literally tried EVERYTHING!!! And have done parasite cleansing before but this actually is working miracles in my body. I’m beyond grateful!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  5. Stacy Martin (verified owner)

    I had been struggling with a horrible skin rash on my chest and face for 2 years!! I was also getting red marks on my arms and under my breasts. I saw traditional doctors and dermatologists. Had tons of blood work done, had biopsies, took oral and topical steroids, antibiotics, etc. And spend a lot of money. Nothing worked!!! A holistic doctor suggested I try this product. Within 2 weeks, there was a drastic difference and within a month, my skin was completely clear. I took this product one more month to be sure all would remain clear and it has. I could just cry with how happy I am now!! And bonus – I have received an incredible amount of compliments on my skin from people who had no idea what I went through. I am forever grateful!

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